NZ Building Code Compliance

SEEC can provide you with guidance, calculations and reports to demonstrate your project or building complies with the relevant requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).  We have expertise in demonstrating compliance through the relevant Verification Methods / Acceptable Solutions for the following NZBC clauses:

NZBC Clause H1 - Energy Efficiency  

NZS 4243 Energy efficiency large buildings & NZS 4218 Energy efficiency housing and small building envelope  (scheduled method, calculation method & modelling method)

NZBC Clause G4 - Ventilation

NZS 4303 Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality & AS/NZS 1668 The use of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings.

NZBC Clause G7 - Natural Light

If you would like to discuss compliance requirements for NZ building code clause H1, G4 or G7  please give us a call.