NABERSNZ & Energy Auditing


NABERSNZ is a building performance rating tool, its initial release into the New Zealand market deals solely with energy performance of occupied commercial office buildings.  The assessment tool has been adopted from the highly successful National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS).

The introduction of NABERSNZ has filled a gap in the NZ building industry, benchmarking and rating the energy performance of operational office buildings.  NABERSNZ complements the existing Green Star rating tools which are currently aimed at providing guidance and certification during the building Design and Construction phases as shown in the diagram below. 

Building Life Timeline










Green Star

Design Rating

Green Star

Built Rating


Performance Rating

Building Rating Tools

The Green Star Design and Built rating tools are more environmentally comprehensive, assessing a building across 9 categories, Energy being one such category, accounting for 25% of the total building Green Star score (read more about our Green Star Services here).  NABERSNZ provides a critical mechanism to target and assess the energy performance of existing buildings and SEEC is excited about the benefits this will bring to the industry.


NABERSNZ provides a credible and independently verified energy assessment / certification for existing commercial office buildings based on historical energy use (last 12 months of energy data).  NABERSNZ aims to improve the energy efficiency of the existing building stock and enables owners and tenants of energy efficient buildings to differentiate themselves.

SEEC expects the implementation of NABERS into the New Zealand building industry will increase the uptake of energy efficiency measures by providing a similar 'green' business model to the Green Star Design and Built Tools.  Targeted and cost effective energy efficient measures which are successfully implemented into existing buildings will increase building value / rents by improving the certified NABERSNZ rating.

SEEC Services

SEEC can provide client with a complete one stop shop for this the NABERNZ process.  With our current expertise in building energy management we will work closely with building owners, tenants and facility managers to ensure your building's energy  consumption is reduced and in due course your long term NABERSNZ goals are realised.  The following points outline a traditional energy audit process.

  • Assessing and auditing the building's current energy performance
  • Identifying the current breakdown of building energy use
  • Developing energy efficiency strategies
  • Quantifying the cost / benefit of such strategies through building energy modelling
  • Delivering a concise energy management strategy

Our energy management strategies are aimed at providing a clear and achievable road map to ensure your energy performance targets are achieved and ultimately this can be widely recognised through a NABERS NZ rating.

SEEC will also work closely with design teams to provide specialist building performance energy modelling aimed at predicting the annual energy use of building systems such as HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Lighting and Plumbing/Hydraulic systems.  Building performance energy modelling is an essential component of an energy audit, providing the client with assurance the design team is on the right track and the energy efficiency or NABERSNZ targets are achievable.

If you would like to discuss the energy efficiency and performance of your building services systems or the upcoming release of NABERSNZ please give us a call.