HVAC Design

We provide professional consulting on all aspects of mechanical building services including Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  With in-depth technical knowledge of traditional mechanical HVAC systems and expertise in building performance modelling, we provide our clients with innovative and efficient HVAC solutions, delivering healthy comfortable and productive buildings.

Our initial HVAC design starting point is load minimisation often through the integration of passive design measures.  By reducing a building’s active heating and cooling loads the initial plant capital costs can be reduced along with annual energy use and carbon emissions.

We utilise industry leading building performance modelling software to evaluate and select appropriate HVAC solutions, collaborating with your design team to develop architecturally integrated and energy efficient HVAC strategies.


We have expertise in the field of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), with specific resources in the assessment of Occupant Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  We will ensure your building operates as intended, delivering the desired level of temperature / thermal comfort control and outdoor air ventilation rates.  Our capabilities and knowledge in these fields provide a solid platform to design energy efficient HVAC systems for any building targeting Green Star or NABERS ratings.


​Existing Buildings

We can assess your building’s HVAC systems to ensure they are operating efficiently and as intended.  We can provide comprehensive onsite services for existing buildings including plant condition inspections as well as more detailed plant operational audits.

​Plant Condition Inspections
We provide inspections of major plant items such as chillers, heat pumps, boilers, cooling towers, condensers, pumps, pipe distribution systems, fans, ducts, etc.

Plant Operational Audits / Retro Commissioning
We inspect and measure HVAC system performance, identifying and rectifying issues associated with ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

Occupant Thermal Comfort Analysis
We investigate the installed HVAC system zoning, perimeter zone and façade loads, temperature set-point control, radiant and air temperature analysis.  All recommendations are analysed and backed up by our advance thermal comfort and HVAC modelling software.

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Analysis
W study the wider aspects of occupant comfort including items outside traditional thermal comfort studies such as visual comfort (contrast and glare), natural daylighting, air quality, noise etc.  Important to office based organisations as these comfort factors significantly impact on staff productivity levels.

If you would like to discuss HVAC options, have any concerns or are simply interested in fine tuning the performance of your building please give us a call.