Green Star​ Services

We provide a comprehensive, cost effective and smooth Green Star service to our clients.  We have proven project experience and in-depth technical knowledge of the overall Green Star process as well as the individual credit requirements.  This allows our Green Star team members to confidently guide your consultants / contractors through a successful Green Star submission.

We engage during the early stages of a project with both design teams and contractors, ensuring all relevant parties are aware and understand their Green Star responsibilities.  Each of our Green Star NZ Accredited Professionals (GSAPs) are experienced in the green building industry and have been exposed to green building practices / rating tools abroad.   We have expertise in the practical application of Green Star, integrating the requirements into both design and construction projects across the Green Star Industrial, Education and Office Tools.

​What is Green Star
"Green Star is a comprehensive environmental rating scheme that evaluates the environmental attributes and performance of New Zealand's buildings using a suite of rating tool kits developed to be applicable to each building type and function” (New Zealand Green Building Council)

The rating tools assess buildings across nine environmental categories which include: Management, Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use & Ecology, Emissions and Innovation.  Each of the nine categories consist of a number of credits and if your project demonstrates that the requirements of a credit are met, the associated points can be awarded.

The Green Star rating tool includes three quality marks,

  • 4 Star – Best Practice (45 points)

  • 5 Star – New Zealand Excellence (60 point)

  • 6 Star – World Leadership 75 (points)


The Green Star tools have been developed to assess buildings during the Design and Construction phases of a building life cycle.  The new building rating tool, NABERSNZ, is aimed at assessing the operational energy performance of existing commercial offices.  NABERSNZ is based on historical energy bills and deals solely with energy, omitting the other 8 categories assessed by the Green Star Design and Built Tools.  Read more about the introduction of NABERSNZ. 

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Performance Rating

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​Why Use Green Star
Green Star has provided our clients with a ‘green’ business model where the cost of ‘green’ and energy efficient initiatives are recognised through an independent and verified certification process.  The cost of ‘green’ and energy efficient building initiatives is recouped by building owners / developers through increased building value and/or attractiveness to prospective tenants.

The Green Star quality mark is also becoming increasingly important for building owners trying to attract both national and international investors and tenants.

Why Use SEEC
With our Green Star knowledge and experience we work closely with our clients to tailor a Green Star strategy to their specific project.  We approach the Green Star process from the client’s perspective, ensuring the green star targets and associated cost of ‘green’ investments is optimised relative to both the Green Star points achieved and the end value to perspective tenants / investors.

We collaboratively work with design teams, ensuring every member understands their responsibilities early in the program.  We always look to relieve our clients or project managers from the fine details, making the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. 

We provide GreenStar Daylight, Thermal Comfort and Energy compliance modelling and through our GreenStar Accredited Modelling services we can issue producer statements for the Thermal Comfort and Energy credits.  We provide peer review services for the Green Star modelling credits (IEQ-6, IEQ-8, ENE-1 & ENE-2).  We have also peer reviewed entire GreenStar submissions giving other GSAPs feed back prior to their official submissions to the NZGBC.

If you have would like to discuss the Green Star process or your project please give us a call.